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Head Office:
4th floor, No. 6, 2nd St., Sarafraz St., Motahari Ave., Tehran Iran, 1586815319
TEL: +98 21 88540489 tru 94
FAX: +98 21 88540488
Email: [email protected]

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Who we are?
We are the main producer of silica sand for glass and foundry industries in Iran.

Quality Products

We deliver high quality products to our customers based on global standards and procedure.

Modern Machinery

We use cutting edge technology to give you the best product we can.

Silica Sand

made by grinding pure silica sand to a the required grain size.


We use the most modern procedures including Crushing, Grinding, Leaching, Scrubbing and High Gradient Magnetic seperation.

Estekhraj Co.

Glass Raw Material Exploitation Company

We are the main producer of silica sand for glass and casting industries in IRAN.

In glass industries, silica sand counts for 60-70 percent of raw materials. The quality of glass and crystal wares depend on such factors as particle size distribution and chemical analysis of raw materials especially silica sand. Apart from particle size distribution, the presence of harmful impurities such as Iron oxide directly affects the consistency and quality of the products. Taking into account the unavoidable necessity of the quality of the products this plant was erected in one of the richest mineral regions of Iran abundant with Quartzite in order to beneficiate and produce quality silica sand for foundry men and  glass industries. In our plant, priority is given to the production of standard silica sands for various end-users in either glass or casting industries with an emphasis on high quality and consistency in particle size distribution as well as homogeneity in chemical analysis.
In casting, industries silica sand should meet strict specifications regarding AFS as well as chemical and physical properties which we are dedicated to fulfilling them.


Latest Technology To Deliver Best Products

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Best Services

Quality is essential for gaining our customers’ trust in the long term. It is in our genes. Our products meet strict and intangible requirements in terms of quality and safety. We must reaffirm our quality culture continually, making sure we are the best we can be.

We tooled up our factory with the best machinery to provide the best products for our customers

Meet our Great Team

Our senior management team possesses extensive industry experience and has an average tenure of more than 25 years with our Company


M. Shokouhi Razi


E. Malakpour

Mine Manager

M. Mousavi

Financial Manager

H. Kazemi

Plant Manager

Our Quarries

We own three different quarries in Ghermezabad , Qhezelqhaya and Varkaroud which are all located some 40 km. from the plant and their reserves are estimated to be several million tons

Our Plants

Our beatification plant , equipped with the most modern machinery and advance technology of mass production is ready to provide our clients on time delivery of quality silica sand at the lowest costs with stable chemical and physical specifications agreed by the customers .

How it works ?

Geologically a fine top Quartzite bed is located in our quarries which is exploited by means of explosives and modern machinery at a rate of 600,000 tons per year and transported to the beneficiation plant

They are Awesome

Our customers are mainly huge sheet and float and container glass industries as well as casting industries but with respect to our present annual production capacity of 360,000 tons we are still capable of supplying new markets and customers